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My name is Jonatan and welcome to my website, where I write about technology, programming and other exciting things.

Setting up Web Key Directory

Getting a PGP Key is easy, but sharing it with others can be a hassle. Why use Web Key Directory Sharing your public key is important to secure your communication as it allows others to encrypt messages that only you with the corresponding private key can decrypt and to verify that messages are from you. This is especially important for E-Mail, as it is not encrypted by default and can be intercepted and read by the entity handling the E-Mail....

March 17, 2024 路 7 min 路 Jonatan
Modified IKEA Isk盲rna lamp glowing red in a room

Modding an IKEA Isk盲rna to use Zigbee

The IKEA Isk盲rna lamp is a stylish addition to any home, but its original design limits functionality to manual control via a single button. This modding project aims to enhance the lamp鈥檚 capabilities by replacing its original control board with a custom one, enabling Zigbee control, including integration with Home Assistant. This allows for automated control, custom effects, and remote operation of the lamp. Required materials IKEA Isk盲rna lamp 24V LED controller (Zigbee or other) Soldering iron Wires Screwdriver Glue Optional Button Disassembly The first step is to disassemble the lamp....

February 29, 2024 路 3 min 路 Jonatan

The Glorious Revolution and the resulting Bill of Rights

Historical events In 1685, a pivotal moment in English history unfolded as James II succeeded his brother Charles II to the throne. James II, unlike his Protestant predecessor, was a devout Catholic. His ascent to power ignited a wave of hope among Catholics for greater religious freedom and tolerance. However, this hope was met with apprehension and resistance from the Protestant majority, particularly within Parliament. Portrait of James II, Public Domain...

February 12, 2024 路 3 min 路 Jonatan
The image shows a graphic created by Valve. In the foreground you can see Steam Link and in the background VR games.

Valve publishes Steam Link App for Meta Quest

Valve, the company behind the popular Steam gaming platform, has released a new app for the Meta Quest that allows you to stream PC VR games to Meta Quest VR headsets over a Wi-Fi connection. The app is called Steam Link and is available for free in the Meta Store. It can be downloaded via the Meta Store. This allows for direct streaming of SteamVR games, such as the popular 鈥淗alf-Life: Alyx鈥, to the Meta Quest VR headset....

December 3, 2023 路 3 min 路 Jonatan
A setup of the project, showing the connection between the W5500-EVB-Pico and the IR reading head, which reads the electricity meter.

Smart Message Language Reader for Home Automation

The continuous development in the field of home automation opens up ever new possibilities to control the energy consumption in our homes efficiently. A crucial step in this direction is the reading of data from smart electricity meters using the Smart Message Language to gain detailed insights into energy consumption. That鈥檚 exactly why I created 鈥淪ML-Reader鈥 to read out the Smart Message Language data and then send it to smart home systems, such as Home Assistant, via MQTT....

November 27, 2023 路 5 min 路 Jonatan