Valve, the company behind the popular Steam gaming platform, has released a new app for the Meta Quest that allows you to stream PC VR games to Meta Quest VR headsets over a Wi-Fi connection. The app is called Steam Link and is available for free in the Meta Store. It can be downloaded via the Meta Store.

This allows for direct streaming of SteamVR games, such as the popular “Half-Life: Alyx”, to the Meta Quest VR headset. This move marks an expansion of Steam Link functionality, which has previously only been used to stream PC games to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Comparison to existing solutions

Compared to other solutions, such as Meta’s built-in Air Link, Steam Link offers some advantages for users. First, you don’t have to install the outdated Oculus PC software, which not only takes up storage space on your PC, but also affects the performance of your PC. With the Steam Link app, you also get to Steam Home much faster, as it loads directly in the app and skips the double menu of the Oculus Home.

In my own test, the connection with the Steam Link app was also much faster than first starting the Oculus PC software and then establishing the connection. Here I also didn’t have to restart to see my desktop, which was the case with Air Link.

Quality-wise, there are also no major differences. Both have a very nice quality. No quality losses were found in either.


The setup is very easy. All you need is a PC that is already VR-ready and the Steam Link VR app on your Meta Quest. An Ethernet connection between PC and router is recommended, but not mandatory. In my own test with Wi-Fi 6 it worked without problems and with a 120Hz refresh rate. With a wireless connection, there is a warning that the connection is not optimal, but this can be ignored.

After installing the app, it should automatically find your PC on the network and you can connect it directly. It asks for a code that you have to enter on your headset from the PC the first time (you might even see it in passthrough). After that it should be connected directly and you can start your SteamVR games.

Gaming experience

After successful setup, you can play your SteamVR games directly on your Meta Quest. You start in the new SteamVR 2.0, which has a new dashboard and a new user interface. These two innovations create a very nice gaming experience, as it is very easy to switch between games.

The image shows the new SteamVR 2.0 Dashboard. It has the old Steam Home background, but with the new dashboard. It contains games in large tiles and a bar with menus on the left.
The new SteamVR 2.0 Dashboard

Starting SteamVR is also much faster than with the Oculus PC software, as it starts directly in SteamVR Home and not first in Oculus Home and then in SteamVR. Instead of a few minutes, you can now get into the game in a few seconds.

It is also possible to play non-VR games. These are displayed on a virtual screen located in the virtual environment.


The Steam Link app is a very good alternative to Air Link and offers some advantages. It is very easy to set up and offers a very nice gaming experience. It is also very good for people who don’t want to install the Oculus PC software.

Overall, getting started in the VR world is much faster and easier than before.

Further information

Images provided by Valve.